Available CITRIS Rooms

E2-180: Also known as the Simularium, E2-180 is the largest room maintained by CITRIS. It seats up to 100 people in lecture style seating and includes 3 forward facing projectors. This room also has 2 document cameras, built in recording capabilities, and multiple microphones to allow audio projection. There are laptop hook-ups available as well as a resident PC to use for projection.

E2-506: Seats 30 people with extra standing room, lecture style seating. Two 70" display monitors at the front with laptop hook-up and a resident PC. There is one document camera, a large whiteboard, and a media cart with recording capabilities. This room is Professor Mantey's personal lab and reservation requires his specific approval.

E2-553: Seats 10 people conference style. Room has a projector screen, and a projector can be brought in on request. There is a whiteboard, and a display monitor as a backup for the projector.

E2-556: Seats 10 people conference style. Two mounted display monitors with laptop connections, video conferencing capabilities, and a resident PC. There is also a large whiteboard at the back of the room.

E2-595B: Seats 8 people conference style. Laptop hook-up, connected resident PC, a whiteboard and video conferencing capabilities.

E2-598: Also known as the Optiputer. A cluster computer used to display large, high resolution images and videos on 40 monitors. Reservation requires a special need for these projection capabilities.

E2-599: Seats 35 with extra standing room. One projector screen with laptop hook-ups, two whiteboards.