About CITRIS and the Banatao Institute

The Center of Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society or CITRIS for short, is a multi-campus initiative focused on research and emerging technologies. Established in 2001, CITRIS leverages the interdisciplinary research strengths of UC Santa Cruz, Berkeley, Davis and Merced to advance the University of California's mission. The institute was created to shorten the pipeline between world-class laboratory research and the development of impact applications, platforms, companies, and new industries. Together with many public and private partners, we are shaping the future of technology in ways that cross traditional boundaries.

Proximity to Silicon Valley makes UC Santa Cruz a natural place to engage the world’s industrial leaders and put new technology solutions to work. We bring the expertise of multiple disciplines to bear on critical challenges such as designing sustainable energy, water and transportation systems; fostering civic engagement in the digital era; improving the human experience through advances in robotics and automation; and modernizing health care delivery. CITRIS and the Banatao Institute represent a bold and exciting vision that engages one of the top university systems in the world to generate social and economic benefits.

For more information contact us at: citris@ucsc.edu